As of June 23rd, 2024:


I’m pretty much waiting for my semester at university to start in September. I am quite excited, here’s hoping I meet new people and make new friends.


I’ve been replaying the Ace Attorney games as of recently to see if they were as good as I remembered, and it’s been pretty fun!

I don’t think I’ll play many video games in the future but the new Fatal Fury game is looking quite promising. My friends like fighting games as well, so it’s an excuse to learn a new game. I mostly play older titles so it’s a breath of fresh air.

Current projects:

Not much. I’d like to continue selfhosting and working with Linux distros for now. I have been tinkering with an old laptop recently, it’s surprising how just running Linux on it can revive some life into it.

I am working on getting back into drawing again. I have a lot of little stories for my characters but I never draw them… orz


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